trashcleanoutWe are working with our KCB volunteers, the City of Chamblee and our community and business partners to make the green space behind the Keswick Park soccer fields cleaner, greener and more beautiful.

We’ve created a 0.75 mile nature trail that loops through the property, so residents and visitors can safely access the area and enjoy the all the beautiful nature that abounds.

We are now working to install bridges and connect the trail to Ashton Woods Drive in Brookhaven. Brookhaven and Chamblee residents will then be able to safely walk from Blackburn Park all the way to the Chamblee MARTA Station. Here’s a map of the trail system:

Never been back there? Wondering how this is going to be possible? Watch the below videos to see the routes for yourself.

We are currently raising money to support this effort. Our primary costs are going to be in creating stairs and a few bridges throughout the trail, to make the area safely accessible.  If you’d like to donate, you can click on the below link. If you have questions or would like more details about the project, please contact our KCB Keswick Nature Preserve Committee Chair, Andrew Galucki at 303-434-6365 or  THANKS!

Click here to view more photos of the Nature Preserve and our on-going clean-up efforts.